About Us

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What We're All About

Advance IELTS is a Platform which is completely dedicated to the preparation of IELTS EXAM and Spoken Skills. Here the students can get righteous guidance which helps to improve Particular Bands and their Overall Band score as well.

Learn Something Every Day

I love teaching. It has been my passion since my university days. When it comes to IELTS Exam, mentoring different students have been a blessing. It gives you an opportunity to explore and experience which motives to mentor more students.

Mandeep Pannu
Our Vision

Who We Are

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

Learning is life. It helps to evolve that too in the best of our selves. But, why to learn ? What is the utmost notion behind it?

The need of the hour which is to provide the right direction to the students, is what has been inspiration behind this initiative. The team of educators indents to facilitate students with righteous path so that they can prepare for their IELTS Exam systematically and in short span of time.

The motive is to provide a platform to the students where they can have one to one interaction with their mentors, while sitting at their homes. Moreover, they can prepare by themselves by observing and imbibing the answers which have been published.