Latest Speaking General Questions – NAMES

Latest Speaking General Questions – NAMES

Does your name have any special meaning?

My name is Simar, it means the worship of god as per the sikh mythology. This name is used in the holy books of sikh religion.

How would you choose names for your next generation?

Well, I would like to pick name of my best friend or of the legends that have done sacrifices for our motherland.

Are there many differences between how Indians name their children now and in the past?

As far as I am concerned, in the previous years, people used to keep name of their children by taking advice from hindu preists. However, now parents have curiosity to give name akin(similar) to famous celebrities.

Are there any names that are more popular than others in India?

Utterly yes, there are some names which are quite normally used such as Shweta, Raman, Sonali and many more. I want to mention an example, when I used to play kabbadi in an academy there were three boys with the name of Raman.

Does anyone in your family have same name as you?

To be honest, none of my family member has as similar name as mine. Rather one of my friends has whose name is Simar too, and sometimes our friends get confused while calling.

Latest Speaking General Questions – NAMES

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