Band 9 Sample: Social media marketing can influence what…

Band 9 Sample: Social media marketing can influence what consumers buy. Do you agree or disagree? To what extent do you agree?


General Line Social media has revolutionized the trends of marketing in 21st century.
Paraphrasing line Advertising at social platforms can manipulate what customers purchase.
Thesis Line This essay completely agrees with it.
Outline Firstly, it will talk about the direct marketing by companies. Secondly, it shall mention aspects regarding indirect marketing by algorithms.

Body Paragraph 1:

Introduction line  Talking about the direct marketing, companies post pictures, videos of their products on social media.
1. Elaboration line This helps the customers to decide the things which they want to buy as per their needs and demands.
2. Elaboration line Hence, it provides them an opportunity to compare the products of different companies.
3. Elaboration line Moreover, companies also lure the potential buyers by giving them offers and discounts.
Example- As per the UNITED NATIONS Report of 2022, 90 percent of the companies use direct marketing as a tool to attract the customers in the developed nations.

Body Paragraph 2:

Introduction Line On the other hand, there is another aspect of the social media branding. That is indirect marketing where the companies use algorithms and the sponsored ads to fetch more consumers.
1. Elaboration line These algorithms use the data of the users search engines or the history of the browser to suggest the things for ‘the purchase’ without considering the need of the customer.
2. Elaboration line Furthermore, funding the branding of the products through sponsored ads gives an edge to the bigger companies to project themselves in front of the buyers.
3. Elaboration line More or less, the purchasing behavior of the customer is considered to the battle field for the companies to fight upon.
Example Platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and many more have altered the ways of Marketing. Not only they have become mere tools of capturing the attention of the purchasers but also a new shopping platform for the consumers.


Starting line To Conclude, since social media has literally changed the essence of marketing in present era.
Paraphrasing line So, it has been used as a tool to manipulate what buyers purchase.
Outline Subsequently, this is done through branding via direct and indirect marketing.

Band 9 Sample: Social media marketing can influence what consumers buy. Do you agree or disagree? To what extent do you agree? 

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