Band Sample 9: Some think newspapers are the best method…

Band Sample 9: Some think newspapers are the best method for reading the news while others think other media is better.

Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.


General line

News plays a vital role in our day to day lives.

Paraphrasing line

Few individuals believe that the best way of reading news is newspaper whereas others think that other medias like TV and social media are much far effective as comparerd.

Thesis Line

This essay intends to discuss both views and give its opinion.


1.                 Firstly, it will talk about the authenticity of newspapers and elaboration which is given to the reader.

2.                 Secondly, it will shed light on the speed of news at which it is given to the general public by other medias.




Body paragraph 1

Starting line

Talking about the authenticity of Newspaper, they are real backbone of journalism.

Elaboration line 1

There is no false news given in the newspapers as they are checked with facts by the editors of the newspapers.

Elaboration Line 2

Moreover, news is given in detail. They are elaborated to provide the complete picture of the current events which are very much beneficial for creating the understanding of the society members.


Here the UN Report- 23 can be mentioned which found that newspapers are the best source of authentic information to read as compared to others.


Body paragraph 2

Starting line

Discussing about getting news from the other medias, the main point is of the speed of the news at which it is delivered.

Elaboration line

News through TV and Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are much instant in contrast to newspapers.

Elaboration line 2

These min by min News alerts help us to plan our lives in a much better manner and saves our time as well.

Elaboration line 3

Plus, Videography which is shared with the news helps us to better understand the happenings in a realistic way.


To exemplify, A survey was conducted by LPU university in 2023 which found that 90 percent of the Individuals prefer to get news through TV and social media as they are instant and provide much clear image of everything.



Starting line

To conclude, since News is like bread and butter for every person, its way of getting becomes very crucial.

Paraphrasing line

Though few believe that newspapers are best due to authenticity but there are others as well who prefer other platforms as they are instant.


Thus, it can be stated that both are vital as per the demand of the times that we are living.

Band Sample 9: Some think newspapers are the best method for reading the news while others think other media is better.

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