Common IELTS Essay topic: Education (part-1)

Common IELTS Essay topic: Education (part-1)
What is education?        

Education is evolution. It is something which helps us to evolve and upgrade ourselves. It includes learning, understanding and improving skills. Education is given through online and offline modes. It talks about the real growth and the real learning which is far away from cramming the books and completing the degrees.

Role of Education:
a) Society:
  1. It Provides guidance and Helps to provide a better direction to the society.
  2. Education gives people knowledge and skills with which they can improve their lives.
  3. Individuals become good members of society.
b) Individual:
  1. It helps to improve the personality and helps in overall growth of children.
  2. It provides an opportunity to individuals to become sustainable (maintain themselves) by preparing individuals for jobs and opportunities.
  3. It moreover helps to Improve the understanding and ultimately the skills of a person.
  4. Individuals become independent economically, socially and politically.
Education is provided by:
  1. Formal Education-Schools, colleges, universities. It is the .
  2. Informal Education- Experience and self learning.
Learning VS Cramming:
  • Learning is when you understand and adapt new things with understanding.
  • Cramming is when somebody memorize something without understanding it.
  • Education is not cramming but learning new things.

Theory (Formal Education) v/s Practical (when you learn by yourself or experience):
The current education system is theoretical. It must be transformed into practical and vocational subjects.
These practical and vocational courses help to improve and enhance the skills which are very important for getting a job.
Subjects which are practical such as science and others, they have huge impact on the development of mind as compare to theoretical.

Education and Technology:

Digitalization has transformed education.

  1. a) It has given more opportunity to students to learn the subjects of their interest.
  2. b) Technology has given wider access of education to the students of their choice.
Online VS Offline:

Online education is provided through videos and internet. This education mode has not properly evolved yet as it lacks interaction between teacher and students.

Online modes of education:
  1. Recorded video session
  2. Online live classes
Benefits of offline education:

More interactive and discussion oriented.

  • Common IELTS Essay topic: Education (part-1)
Benefits of Studying Abroad:
  • Foreign institutions sometimes offer better and different courses which are practical in nature
  • Qualifications gained abroad can open the door to better job opportunities around the world
  • Living abroad can broaden student’s horizon (Their approach to look at life.)
  • Overseas students are exposed to different cultures and customs.
  • They become more independent and can take their decisions.
  • They are responsible for cooking, cleaning and paying bills.
  • They also learn a foreign language and culture.
Drawback of Studying Abroad:
  • Living and studying abroad can be difficult for adults as they live away from their families.
  • The language barrier can be a problem for them.
  • Students have to find accommodation and pay bills.
  • Studying in a foreign language is challenging.
  • Living alone in an unfamiliar culture can cause homesickness and depression.
  • Relation with their family and friends can suffer.
Corporal Punishment: Opinion
  • Corporal Punishment is not a good idea.
  • Physical punishment is a way of controlling children using fear.
  • This does not promote trust between adults and children.
  • Children who are punished physically may become shy or resentful.
  • Corporal punishment creates an atmosphere of fear and anger.

Sample Questions:

  • Should wealthy nations be required to share their wealth among poorer nations by providing such things as food and education? Or is it the responsibility of the governments of poorer nations to look after their citizens themselves?
  • Some people think that children under 18 years old should receive full-time education. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  • Some people think that a person improves intellectual skills better when doing group activities. To what extent do you agree? Use specific details and examples to explain your view.
  • Some people think that a person improves intellectual skills better when doing group activities. To what extent do you agree? Use specific details and examples to explain your view.
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