Describe a café you like to visit.

Describe a café you like to visit.

General line – As India is a diverse country, so there are number of snack bars where people can have a finger licking meal and spend their leisure time. Today, I have got this privilege to unveil about a particular café where I visit frequently.

Where it is?

The name of the café is Barista which is stone’s throw away(not very far) from my hometown so it takes me at least 10 minutes to reach over there by bike.

What kinds of food and drinks it serves?

The optimal(best) thing about this café is that, priority is not solely given to foreign cuisines but also to traditional food. Customers can order any kind of dish and drinks as per their taste and it provides them at extremely reasonable cost. Moreover, hygiene is taken into consideration.

What do you do there?

Predominantly(mainly), I visit barista to enjoy the tranquil environment just mainly owning there are separate cabins for people to do any type of work. In this way I can be far away from the outer noise over there and can focus on my work. Moreover, there is a beautiful park in which people could sit and have conversation with others. As during the tedious(boring) span of my life I just tend to go there with my companions. There we spend some quality time and have some fun.

Explain why you like to go there?

There are infinite reason to go to barista, but the cardinal(main) one is the behaviour of staff. Whenever I visit there all of the workers there behave in a very well mannered way which makes me feel special ultimately.

Describe a café you like to visit.

Describe a time when you were stuck in a traffic jam.

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