Describe a debatable issue.

Describe a debatable issue.

General line – Without any doubt the veracity(accuracy) is that arguments have become the integral part of our regular life and individuals seek this inspiration to conquer the debates in an adroit(skillful) manner. Today, I have got this privilege(opportunity) to unveil(reveal) about a particular argument which is hot potato(hot topic or controversial issue) in my nation.

What the issue is?

The root of debate is “studying abroad” which is often debatable not only among society members but government as well.

Why is it debatable?

This is occurring because the youth reckons(thinks) that it is a prudent(well judged) idea to move into the developed nations in order to earn tremendous(huge) amount of money and to give an opulence(luxurious) life to their parents. However, local authority is not standing with them in this case. Just mainly owning to they want all of the young people to dwell at their motherland which is not possible because individuals do not get the deserving outcomes here. Moreover, students are not getting access to the better education system and this thing insists them to migrate.

What side you support?

As being adapt at making decisions, I ponder(think) that it is beneficial to reach into advanced countries because in this way people can get new opportunities regarding jobs and studies. As well as they can get better lifestyle over there. The bottom line is that, learners can make humongous(huge) amount of financial stability, as it they can improve the overall circumstances of their nation as well. Moreover, it can assist(help) them to think beyond the orthodox domain to climb the ladder of success.

How it can be resolved?

There are immense methods to eradicate(finish) this debate, but I would like to pick the cardinal(main) one which is that, government must provide numerous job opportunities along with hefty(heavy) amount of money, so student like us will not have to seek the secure future in other nationalities.

Conclusion – Eventually, I would like to say that it was all about a debate which is the hot topic these

Describe a debatable issue.

Describe a time when you visited a new place.

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