Describe a noisy place you have been to.

Describe a noisy place you have been to.

General line – Legit, people want to stay away from hustle and bustle in order to rejuvenate their mind, as noise is so disturbing so it does not let individuals take sigh of breath. Today I have got this privilege to unveil about a particular area where there was a good deal of noise.

Where it was?

It is nothing other than Delhi which is considered as most populated and industrialized city.

When this happened?

Well, a few months ago, one of my uncles who lives in Delhi told me about a beach named Ashtanga Beach which is near about the area from where he lives. Actually, this thing prompted(here: motivated) me to visit there as I love beaches. Because there I could enjoy water games.

Why there was a lot of noise?

When I went to my uncle’s home, at first night, I was unable to sleep because just adjacent to the home there was main road. Where drivers were blowing horn deliberately. To be honest, it was the worst thing about Delhi. Then next morning as per the plans we went to the beach. Now I was shocked because that place was opposite to my anticipation(expected). As I heard the environment is tremendously(very) serene, but it was not at all. Rather there were immense number factories near to the beach from where visitors were suffering from sound of din(a loud noise). Moreover, there was hubbub(noise from crowd of people) too just mainly owning to there were people in thousands.

Explain what you did when you heard the noise?

So, I did not only heard a lot of noise but felt like sardines in a can(here: suffocated) too. Overall, I assert(think) it was my lousy(bad) experience because of the overwhelming noise.

Describe a noisy place you have been to.

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