Describe a piece of work you did quickly.

Describe a piece of work you did quickly.

General line– Generally speaking, I am zestful (energetic) person. Hence, I have tendency to do all activities immediately. Today I have got this privilege to unveil (reveal) about a particular moment when I had to complete a work as soon as it was feasible (possibility to do something easily).

1- What work it was?

If my memory serves me better, when I was at my uncle’s home in order to enjoy my summer holidays. I was playing volleyball with my cousin. Because we had nothing to do so, suddenly our ball hit (strike) on the table which was tremendously (greatly) exorbitant (expensive) and it’s left leg was broken.

2- Why you did it quickly.

I decided that rather than giving up I would repair it in the few minutes. Because our uncle could yell (shout) at us. After that, I went to supermarket in hurry and I bought some equipment (tools). That were helpful to fix the table. Literally, it took me at least 10 minutes to repair that table because I am enthusiastic (energetic).

3- How difficult or easy it was?

It was such an arduous (difficult) situation for me. Because my cousin did not give me helping hand to overcome that adversity (problem). I was in a panic (nervous) although I was strong enough. Because the table was not resembling (looking like) as it was before getting broken.

4- What was the result?

The bottom line is that, my cousin is a blabbermouth (excessive talker). So, he told to uncle that the table’s leg was broken so we repaired it. I was really numb (senseless) at that moment. And I thought my uncle would shout at me. Paradoxically (but), he praised (encouraged) me. Because I handled the situation in a wise manner.

Conclusion– Ultimately, I would like to say that it was all about a situation when I had to accomplish (complete) a task quickly.

Describe a piece of work you did quickly.

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