Describe a positive change in your life.

Describe a positive change in your life.

General linePredominantly (mainly), individuals have to make alterations (changes) in their life in order to brush up their personality. Today, I have got this privilege(opportunity) to unveil(reveal) about a particular optimistic(positive) change which had made my life meaningful.

1. What the change was about?

If my memory serves me precisely, I quit excessive utilization of time on virtual(online) game.

2. When it happened?

Well, during the corona pandemic my life was extremely(very) tedious(boring). Because I had nothing to do, then one of my friends suggested me to install a game known as “Phasmophobia”(fear of ghost). After few days I became addicted of that game. Even I started devoting at least 5-6 hours regularly. The worst part was that, with the passage of time it not solely(only) made vision of my eye blur but also gained(increase) my body weight. Once, I was playing that game with my friends and my mother asked me for purchasing some grocery products from supermarket. Because during that time all of the shops and malls were allowed to be opened just for an hour. I indeed refused my mother’s command just mainly owning to I was completely indulged in that game.

Describe details of change and how it affected later in your life?

Now, the bottom line is that, I had decided that I would get rid of this terrible(bad) addiction. Because it could be a peril(hazard) for me. After that I just uninstalled that game from my device and it was really arduous(tough) task for me. Because I made infinite good friends with the assistance (help) of that game. But eventually I did it, and it took me around 20-25 days to be fully untied(free) from that virtual life. The amazing part was that, I started doing home workout and I had lost 10 kg weight within 2 months. As well as it was the ecstatic(happy) moment for me because I became energetic from lethargic(lazy).

Describe an interesting place in your country that you would like to recommend to tourist.

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