Describe a time when needed to use your imagination.

Describe a time when needed to use your imagination.

General line– Initially, I have tendency to throw light on the significance of visualization just predominantly owning to it not solely shows our intellectual ability but also boosts creativity.

1- When it was?

If my memory serves me precisely, a few months ago, when i was studying in 12th standard, in our village a competition related to art was organized. And I was good enough in making spectacular (amazing) paintings .However, I was unaware about that event because I was sick at that time. But, I did recovery as soon as it was possible. And got the news from one of my friends about the event exactly 1 hour before its commencement (start). Then I ran off in hurry at the place where that competition was going to start.

2- How did you use your imagination?

When I appeared over there I was just freaking out. As I had not prepared regarding what I would draw. Then, an idea popped in my mind. Few days before of that event I had visited to golden temple. So I just started memorizing that place. The amazing part was that I had realistic colors and sharp mind`s eye (imagination) simultaneously and it assisted (helped) me a lot in order to make the painting tremendously (greatly) magnificent ( utterly beautiful). I painted the temple with golden color as it is in the reality. Even I imagined the holy pond to give my best shot.

3- How difficult or easy it was?

It was not an arduous (difficult) task for me because I have a sharp mind which helped to visualize everything on the proper time. Moreover, around 1 hour was given to all competitors for completing the painting. However, it took me at least 53 minutes even without practice. And really my painting was looking more stupendous as compared to others.

4- Explain how you felt about it?

No doubt, it was the ecstatic (joyful) moment for me because eventually I won that event and I got appreciated by the individuals for making such sort of masterpiece. As well as people who organized the competition honored me with a reward.

Conclusion– All in all it was all about the moment when my sense of imagination gave me a helping hand to get the winning price.

Describe a time when needed to use your imagination.

Describe the risk that may have gone wrong but turned out well.

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