Describe a time when you helped someone.

Describe a time when you helped someone.

General line – Well, I love to give helping hand to others in their worst time because it gives me inner gratification(satisfaction) as well as in this way I can expect assistance(help) from others in my bad times too. Today, I have got this privilege(chance) to divulge(reveal) about a particular time when I helped someone.

Who you helped?

As I have memory like an elephant so I conspicuously(clearly) remember, a few months ago my uncle’s daughter got injured in an accident so she was unable to move and attend the school for her final exams

How you helped?

My uncle asked for giving her tuition classes, and then I decided to teach her because I was good in studies when I was a student. Moreover, I started going at her home and giving her classes in the evening, the bottom line is that, I did not teach her theoretically as she did not know English so I recommended her to make herself rather familiar with foreign songs and web series because by that she could enjoy and learn new English words simultaneously(at the same time).

Explain how this person reacted to your help?

As I helped her like her big brother she felt quite special, even I treated her as my real sister. The best thing was that, she scored well in her online exam and got rank one.

How you felt after helping?

Really it was the ecstatic(happy) moment for me just mainly owning to I became the reason of happiness of my uncle’s family and I got some chocolates and lot of blessings as a gift.

Describe a time when you helped someone.

Describe a time when you needed to search for information.

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