Describe a time when you were too much busy?

Describe a time when you were too much busy?

General line – As being an elder son of parents I have many responsibilities as well as most of my home’s work is done by me. So, predominantly(mainly) I find myself running of time. Today, I have got this privilege(chance) to divulge about a particular time when I was extremely busy.

When did it happen?

Well, a few months ago, it was my mother’s birthday and we never ever had any kind of big party for her on that auspicious day.

Where were you?

On her birthday, my parents were wondering to go outside in order to meet with the relatives. But I started making excuses like I got assignments from my college. And I have to submit them within few hours just mainly owning to I wished to surprise my mother.

What did you do?

Then my parents left. And I had at least 5 hours to arrange all the things for party. Firstly, I cleaned my house properly. Truly it was the first time when I did that sort of work. After that, I went to supermarket in hurry just to buy some balloons and other stuff for decorating the house. It took me exactly 2 hours because some shops did not have the stuff for decoration so I had to travel far. Moreover, when just one hour was left I invited to all of my mother’s friends and relatives. As well as ordered the delicious meals for all guests. Eventually, when my parents came to home they were astonished(surprised) after seeing all the kith and kin(near and dear ones), even by the all arrangements, at that moment my mother got a little emotional and she gave me a warm hug.

And explain why you were that busy?

No doubt I was tremendously(very) busy on that eve but my mother’s happiness removed all that fatigue which I had while making the arrangements.

Describe a time when you were too much busy?

Describe an expensive activity that you enjoy doing occasionally.

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