Describe a time you experienced bad weather.

Describe a time you experienced bad weather.

General line – India is a diverse country so, in some Indian cities the weather is spontaneous(unpredictable) due to geographic attributes(Conditions). Today, I have got this privilege(opportunity) to unveil(reveal) about a particular time when I encountered unpleasant weather with my family.

What sort of weather it was?

It was extreme(here: heavy) rainy weather.

Where you were and When it happened?

If my memory serves me precisely, last year in mid September, my family decided to go Manali for having fun yet, we knew that the weather is not apt in September over there. However, we started our journey without reckoning(thinking) over. It was raining in Manali when we arrived and we booked a hotel. We spent a night there. Next day, we decided to do trekking because we heard that there is an eminent(famous) trekking spot known as Beas Kund. Moreover, we started trekking and after a while, it was heavy raining as well as the bags that we carried with us got wet. The worst part was that, there was no any shop or home for getting shelter. So, we had to survive in that moment because it was dangerous to take step back because there was extreme rain and winds simultaneously(together). Further more, we had been waiting for the good. Finally, after 2 hours, the rainy clouds got vanished(disappear) and we ran off towards hotel.

How you felt?

I felt blue(sad) because I anticipated(expected) that I would shoot vlog and capture some classy pictures while trekking but, it all went wrong.

Describe a time you experienced bad weather.

Describe a problem you had while shopping online or in a store.

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