Describe a TV show you like to watch.

Describe a TV show you like to watch.

General line – As being telephilia(a person who loves to watch TV), I tend to watch number of TV shows, not only to rejuvenate my mind but also to kill my leisure time. Today, I have got this privilege to share my views about a particular television program that I enjoy.

What is the program about?

Well, name of the TV program is Kapil Sharma show and it is all about the entertainment as well as it comes under top 10 most watched TV program in the whole world.

When do you watch it?

My time to watch that show is spontaneous(unplanned) because my schedule is quite hectic. However, mostly I watch this show on Sony TV channel after having dinner.

Who do you watch it with?

I enjoy this program with my parents and younger brother because this is a family show. And my all family members love this show.

Why do you like to watch it?

I am fond of this show just mainly owning to the characters who are so good at cracking jokes as well as every week many celebrities come on Kapil Sharma show because in this way they can do their promotion. Even they meet with their fans over there. The bottom line is that, this show is a sort of mind therapy for people who are stressed in their life they can get relief just by watching this show.

Describe a TV show you like to watch.

Describe a time when you made a decision to wait for something.

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