Describe an achievement or success you are proud of.

Describe an achievement or success you are proud of.

General line – All of the individuals are struggling to accomplish their life goals and when they get the fruitful outcomes then, it makes them proud of their never giving attitude. Today I have got this privilege to unveil about a particular success of mine which made me proud.

What you did?

Well, I am a kabbadi player since my childhood. But sadly in the most of the matches I am used as spare. Once, a tournament of kabbadi was organized in my village. And I was so curious to take part in that event. When it was the day of match I became substitute player. Truly, I felt blue(sad) because I wanted to perform in the front of my town’s spectators(audience). Our team was getting a lead with the help of leader, but he got injured while playing when opponents showed violent behavior.

When did you do it?

After that, it was my turn to play, to be honest, in the very few minutes I scored 3 points. Everybody was impressed by my game play. I really did a lot of hard work to play well, as our team leader was unable to play. So all of the responsibility to lead the team was on my shoulder. In addition to this, I never ever performed like that before in my life, but when it came to my prestige(reputation) then I did it.

How did you feel about it?
Why did that achievement make you proud?

Prestige mattered because in my own village my team member did not let me play initially, at that day I gained respect when I maintained the dominance throughout the success. Ultimately we conquered the match with immensely big lead of numbers. And all of my home town’s dwellers were hooting my name, even I got new bike as being a best player. Well, from that I became permanent player from spare one so I was tremendously proud of myself.

Describe an achievement or success you are proud of.

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