Describe an English class or lesson you enjoyed.

Describe an English class or lesson you enjoyed.

General line – As being a Philomath(a person who loves to learn), I tend to believe that in order to learn something new I ought to enjoy every single part instead of showing no interest. Today, I have got this privilege(opportunity) to unveil(reveal) about a particular English class which amused(entertained) me a lot.

What was taught in the class?

I remember I was taking classes of English grammar because I want to go to abroad for advanced education.

When did you take that class?

As I have memory like an elephant, so I conspicuously(clearly) remember, a few years ago I joined an institute for learning English language.

Where it was?

It was stone’s throw away(near) from my home, it hardly took 10 minutes for me to reach over there.

What did the English teacher do that made you enjoy it?

Well, in the beginning that class was immensely(very) tedious(boring) because nobody can do one thing by sitting for a long time. And our teacher got it, that the students are not interested the class. So, he started throwing jokes along with teaching and literally that took class class on a new mode. Instead, we started enjoying it. Moreover, the teacher said to do debate in English, so I was so excited to do that. Truly, I was so bashful(shy). But, due to our teacher I started speaking in the class and he played some English songs to make us familiar with the English language. Actually I never ever attended that much entertaining class before in my life.

Describe an English class or lesson you enjoyed.

Describe a time when you were busy.

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