Describe an important decision you made.

Describe an important decision you made.

Introduction – In our life there are many situations when we have to make some decision. Some time it can be easy. However, difficult decision making can be difficult in the situations when we have lot of choices around us.

  • What was the decision/When you made it?

Here I’m going to shed some light on the situation when I had to made decision. It was the time, when I passed my secondary examination then for my further study I had to choose my stream in which I want to pursue my education. There were mainly four streams arts, commerce, medical, and non-medical. It was very tough for me to opt one from these. As, I had no knowledge about any of them.

  • How you made the decision?

At that time there was one of my teachers who helped me out from this situation. Firstly, he told me various things about all the streams. He introduced to all the subjects and their scope n future too. After this, he told to me that I should opt the stream according to my interest and then I found that the commerce is most interesting as well as I have also interest in business and accounts.

  • Why was it important?

It was very important for me to choose a better stream for myself because it was all about what I’m going to study in my future. In addition to this, my future career was depended on this decision.

Conclusion: All in all this was the decision that I made. Although it was little bit difficult for me to decide it but all thanks to my teacher who helped me a lot at that time.

Describe an important decision you made.

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