Describe an important message you received.

Describe an important message you received.

General line- As being a tech-savvy (well informed about technology), I get a lot of messages frequently. Today, I have got this privilege(opportunity) to unveil(reveal) about a particular message which was paramount(very important) for me.

Who sent the message?

If my memory serves me precisely, a few months ago, me and my family were in ‘The Grand Canyon’ for trekking. Suddenly, a notification popped on my mobile which was sent by my dentist. Because, before leaving for that place, I booked an appointment with my dentist for check up.

What was in the message?

Well, I had told my dentist about, what sort of problem I am suffering with and in that message he had mentioned all about the cost of my treatment.

Why the person sent the message?

There was a purpose behind sending that message just because that dentist, kindly remembered the exact date and time of my check up. But I felt unprofessional because it was not possible to visit the dentist at that moment. Because it was my first time in ‘The Grand Canyon’ so I wanted to live to the fullest. However, the worst part was that, I had already spent at least 3000 rupees just for an appointment and that got squandered(misspent).

Explain why the message was important to you?

Surprisingly, I got call of him and he said, you can get appointment again by showing that message to the clinic staff. Literally, then I saved it as an imperative(important) message. Eventually, my miserable phase of life converted into pleasure because my money was not wasted.

Describe an important important message you received.

Describe something that you want to learn more.

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