Describe an interesting neighbor of yours.

Describe an interesting neighbor of yours.

General line – An individuals who live adjacent(here: next to door) to our home or nearby are paramount(very important) just mainly owning in the worst time they not solely(only) help you emotionally but financially also. Today, I have got this privilege to divulge(reveal) about a particular neighbor who is quite engrossing(interesting).

How long you have known this neighbor?

To be honest, I know that neighbor since my childhood because he is my best friend and he used to go to the school together.

What sort of person he is?

His sense is immensely quirky(unusual) as nobody knows his next move as well as he is gregarious(sociable) so whenever I go outside with him he usually starts having conversation with strangers and makes them laugh by cracking lame jokes. The most integral(important) thing that I have found about him is that he feels shy to express himself in the front of others. Like once I saw him while carrying some food for the children who have been living under deplorable(disgraceful) conditions and when he noticed me he started feeling awkward because he does not want to show his donation to other even not to me as well. And all above this thing makes him unique.

What kind of relationship you have with him?

Literally our friendship grew over the years and our relation is unbreakable because we share each and every thing about our life with each other. I still remember our bonding started getting stronger when I used to share my Tiffin box with him at my school.

Explain why you consider this person as an interesting neighbor?

Well, while walking on the terrace of my home I mostly hear him singing because his home is exactly on the front of ours. It makes me smile because he sings very strange songs that I do not understand even when my parents listen to him while singing they start laughing. In these all mentioned ways I assert(think) that my neighbor is tremendously(greatly) interesting.

Describe an interesting neighbor of yours.

Describe a time when you saw a children behave bad in public.

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