Describe how you use technology in your everyday life.

Describe how you use technology in your everyday life.

General line- Well, technology plays an imperative role in every person’s life because nowadays, all of the works get done with the assistance of technology. Today, I have got this privilege(chance) to express about the utilization of technology by me on daily basis.

How often do you use mobile phone?

Well, I use smart phone frequently because it helps me to communicate with my friends and family members who are living far away from me. Moreover, there are various other facilities that a mobile provides like a person can do online shopping, net banking, booking tickets and many more. All these are the things which a person encounters on a daily basis.

Do you use computer daily?

Now, I use computer on daily basis. Because I am a gamer, so I have my own YouTube channel where I do live streaming of distinct sort of virtual games. I do this regularly not solely because it is the source of my income but because of having fun as well.

How does technology make your life easier?

To be honest, I am very fond of shopping and before having access to electronic gadgets I had to go to market in order to buy new outfits and other stuff. Paradoxically, now it is tremendously(greatly) convenient for me to do shopping. Because of my mobile phone. With one tap I am able to purchase any thing and
this thing ultimately(as a result) saves my time.

Conclusion – Ultimately, I would like to say that technology has become an integral part of our lives, as it has eased our lifestyle. Without it, life is hard to imagine.

Describe how you use technology in your everyday life.

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