Describe something or someone who made a lot of noise.

Describe something or someone who made a lot of noise.

General line – As India is a diverse country, so there is ample noise not only due to people but also because of motor vehicles. Today, I have got this privilege(opportunity) to unveil(reveal) about a particular person who made extreme awful(here: unpleasant) din(noise).

Who or what made the noise?

As I have memory like an elephant, so I conspicuously(clearly) remember, last year at the day of Diwali my younger brother was tremendously(very) curious to burst the crackers. However, he did not know how much perilous(dangerous) they are. Because they make noise and emit pollution which can lead to serious issues.

What the noise was like?

After purchasing crackers from market, my brother started bursting them and they made immense noise which could not be tolerated. At that time, I wanted to scold him, but then I thought it could spoil his mood at that very moment. Moreover, my dad was also enjoying with him because he came from Australia after 5 years, so he preferred to enjoy that event. But, that sound of crackers did not let me relax and I was unable to find any tranquil place at my home.

Explain what you did when you heard this voice?

Well, after getting irritated by the sound of crackers, I just tended to wear my headphone in order to get rid from that unpleasant noise, as my headphones had noise cancellation system, so I did not hear any sort of sound instead I watched a movie and enjoyed homemade food.

Conclusion- Ultimately, I would like to say that it was all about someone who made excessive noise.

Describe something or someone who made a lot of noise.

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