Describe something you taught to your friend/relative.

Describe something you taught to your friend/relative.

Introduction:– It is always a great experience to teach things to others. As, teaching also helps to polish our own skills too. Here I’m going to shed some light on the time when I taught to my friend.

  • When it was/What you taught to him/her

I vividly remember that 2 months ago, one of my friends whose name is Rahul came to me and said that he want to learn cooking. As, I have done my diploma in cooking. Hence, I have a lot of knowledge about cooking. He is going to move to Canada for his further education that’s why he wanted to learn some basics of cooking.

  • How long it was for

It took around one month. As, I taught him about every essential step of cooking. That how to use different kinds of ingredients and spices in food. I mainly started with the rice because it is easier to prepare. However, now he can cook lot of dishes by himself. He has knowledge that how many spices and ingredients should be used according to different taste.

  • And explain how you felt about it

I felt over the moon (very happy) that I taught something to me best friend. As, I told you earlier that he is going to abroad and he have to manage all the things by himself and have to make food by his own. However, he was very thankful to me that because of me he is able to make food and it will help him throughout his life. Moreover, he can get a good job in a restaurant or a cafe as cooking is very skillful work.

Describe something you taught to your friend/relative.

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