Describe your childhood toy.

Describe your childhood toy.

General line – Predominantly(mainly), toys play a paramount(important) role in every child’s life. Because they help to make unforgettable memories. Today, I have got this opportunity to express about my childhood toys which was so precious to me.

What kind of toy is it?

My childhood toy was a remote control car which was black in color. It’s appearance was extremely splendid(great) because it was quite expensive.

How did you receive it?

As I have memory like an elephant so I conspicuously(clearly) remember, when I was studying in 4th standard I did not have any remote control car and I used to insist(request) to my parents to buy one for me. My father told me to give my best shot in exam so he would gift me remote control car. Then, I prepared well and got very good results. At that moment my father gifted me an exotic remote control car from Australia which made me so happy.

How did you play with it?

Well, I used to play with it, when I came to home from tuition classes with my friends because they also had that type of car. Mostly, we had car races at the streets with each other and the winner used to get a treat from others, these silly things I cannot forget even when I would be mature enough. Moreover, I still remember I used to neglect to have dinner in my childhood until I got my car to play.

How did you feel about it?

It made me feel so special as well as these days I have kept it on my study table as a part of decoration, so whenever I get bored or demotivated I just think how happy I was when I used to play with it. And it gets me filled with nostalgia of my golden days.

Describe your childhood toy.

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