Describe your idol.

Describe your idol.

General line- Generally, individuals who are experienced as well as doing something good for society, other people see them as their idol just mainly owning to(because) they also want to be like them. Today, I have got this privilege(chance) to talk a particular person who is my idol.

Who is your idol?

She is none other than Billie Eilish. Now the cardinal(main) factor that why she is my idol, is she is just 21 years old and she is the most eminent(famous) American singer. She started her career at the age of 16. Moreover, she has a separate fan base that is why she has 107 million followers on Instagram.

Why and how this person become your idol?

If I remember, during the corona pandemic, tremendous(great) number of individuals became victim of starvation, as they did not have any source of income. However, she appeared as almighty among all impoverished(poor) sections of the society. Because she donated a large sum of money to the people who were not able to buy food. The bottom line is that, she did not solely(only) gave helping hand to the dwellers(residents) of her own country but also to other people of different regions. After this moment, I started considering her as my idol because her tender(kind) hearted nature.

How has this person impacted your life?

Furthermore, she showed me a right path of my life, after seeing her donation, I had an idea what to do in my life. I started utilizing my money on poverty stricken people in order to improve their life style. And still I do
it. Because I have my own YouTube channel where I make a considerable(here: good) amount of financial resources . Literally , she has made my life purposeful and I would like to meet her if possible.
Conclusion– Ultimately, I would like to say that, it was all about a person who is my idol.

Describe your idol.

Talk about something healthy you enjoy doing that.

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