Band 9 Essay: Directors of large companies…

Band 9 Essay: Directors of large companies often receive much bigger salary increases than ordinary workers. Employers’ organizations say that in global market this is necessary to attract the best management talent.

What are your views?

Every individual works for an increase or increment in the Salary. Directors of Big industries often get much bigger incentives in wages as compared to common workers. The various organizations of employees consider this to be a necessity in world market to lure talent towards management posts. This essay shall express the views regarding the impacts of it on society and the consequences.

Throwing light on the impacts, one can say that it leads to the economic development of the society where every person will work for improving his skills like leadership qualities and interpersonal relations which are important to lead a company and, thus contributing to the nation with new ideas and new sprit. As per the newpaper report of The Hindu, Uganda saw the rise in new talent which were attracted towards management post due to the big incentives that persons of higher authority get in a company.

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This leads to improvement in the quality of life of the individuals. Whereby, they enjoy the work that they do and even contribute more passionately towards the overall development of the society. It further motivates the budding children to built the perspective of leading a company and learn/polish the skills accordingly. To illustrate this, finding of a survey conducted by United nations can be quoted that entrepreneurship improved the lifestyle of people in china and japan as the talent was fascinated by the humongous incentives that the companies given in those countries.

To conclude, Though money is not everything but salary has become the main component of modern era. Individuals work for an increase in it and feel motivated by looking at the bigger increments that managers get as compared to common workers.

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