IELTS Common Essay Topic – Human Emotions

IELTS Common Essay Topic – Human Emotions

Emotions are the feelings which define the behavior of a living organism.

NOTE: Humans have evolved more emotions than animals. Every evolution comes with new emotions.

For example- happiness, sadness, crying and so on.

  • Role of Art and Creativity in Discovering Emotions

Every emotion that we have, are associated with art and creativity. Every individual celebrates (express) his emotions through art and culture. Art and creativity helps to realize emotions through songs and movie. Individuals feel motivated after listening to music.

  • What is happiness?

Happiness is that emotion (stage of life) which gives satisfaction. It is a situation when an individual fulfill his desires. Happiness varies from person to person.

  • Happiness means different things to different people
  • It can be described as a feeling of pleasure or enjoyment
  • People enjoy spending time with family and friends
  • Hobbies, sports and games can be a source of fun and enjoyment
  • Some people see money as a source of happiness
  • Other people define happiness as something deeper
  • In order to be truly happy it is necessary to live a good life
  • We need to feel that we are doing something useful with our lives
  • Some people get a sense of achievement from their work
  • Others find happiness in bringing up their children
  • Religion or a sense of purpose can also be a source of happiness
  • What causes happiness?


  1. a) Consumerism is when people mainly focus on purchasing more and more materialistic things.
  2. b) It is a negative direction to attain happiness.
  3. c) It is temporary happiness.


  1. a) When individuals focus more on attachment with inner soul.
  2. b) It is real and positive happiness.
  3. c) It is permanent happiness and polishes the ability of thinking.

NOTE: Money can help only in fulfilling basic needs but the real happiness comes with spiritualism.

  • Problems of consumerism and materialism
  1. a) The happiness caused by consumerism and materialism is temporary.
  2. b) Individuals find themselves as slaves of products.
  3. c) Individuals find themselves trapped in the race of show-off.
  • Success
  • People define success in different ways
  • Some people get a sense of achievement from raising a family
  • For others, the definition of success is wealth or status
  • We often think of rich and famous people as being successful in life
  • Millionaires like Bill Gates are considered to be successful
  • They have risen to the top in their chosen professions
  • For some, being successful means achieving personal or professional goals
  • They see success as the result of hard work
  • Success in any field requires long-term planning and effort
  • Nature or Nurture
  • Some people believe that our personalities are determined mainly by genetics
  • We inherit our abilities and talents from our parents
  • Others think that our education and upbringing are more important
  • We develop according to the influences around us
  • Our personalities and achievements depend more on nurture than nature
  • Many people argue that we control our own destinies
  • We can shape our own personalities
  • By working hard we can achieve the goal that we put our minds to
  • Many successful people are self-made
  • We are not limited by our genetic characteristic or upbringing

Sample Topics:

  • Happiness is considered very important in life. Why is it difficult to define? What factors are important in achieving happiness?
  • Art has a great impact on your personality. How is art connected to an individual’s emotions? Does it have a negative or a positive impact on the youth?

IELTS Common Essay Topic – Human Emotions

IELTS Common Essay Topic- Consumerism and Materialism

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