IELTS Common Essay Topic – TRAVEL

IELTS Common Essay Topic – TRAVEL

When you go from one place to another for tour, work, study or any other reason is considered as travelling.

MigrationMigration is when people go anywhere for any purpose and come back at their place.

People travel for various reasons, works, study, medical reasons etc.

Immigration- Immigration is when people go to another place to settle down. They do not return back to their native place.

Impact of Travel-
  1. People can learn new things when they go from one place to another. They can learn from other cultures, people as well as can get new experiences.
  2. People who travel from one place to another can get a chance to explore new opportunities.
  3. People can know about other culture’s customs and rituals. Even people can adapt good things from the other cultures.
Culture and Travel-

Culture stands for norms and traditions of a particular place.

  1. By travelling from one to another, good elements of any culture can be adapted.
Drawbacks of Culture intermixing-

The uniqueness of a culture can be lost if it gets intermixed with other cultures.

NOTE- Culture and religion both are different things. Culture stands for norms and tradition of a particular place, whereas religion is a person’s beliefs and faith.



Living in a global world-

NOTE – Every individual has become a global citizen (individual) who has lost his cultural uniqueness and has gained many social identities.


Modernization and Digitalization has amplified the global world.

How cultural intermixing has increased?

  1. People follow celebrities and people from different culture and tend follow their traditions and cultures.
  2. Cultural exchange programs are organized in schools, colleges and universities where people can meet with people from other cultures.
Problems in Developing Countries-
  • Developing countries face a range if problems
  • Standards of healthcare and education are low
  • Life expectancy in these countries is usually lower than developed countries
  • There is a lack of infrastructure, employment and good quality housing
  • Many people are forced to live in poverty
  • Food, drinking water and basic medicines are in short supply
How to Help Developing Countries-
  • The best form of help for developing countries is development aid
  • Richer nations can help by investing in long-term projects
  • Governments and charities can help by building new houses and schools
  • Globalization may also help developing countries
  • Multi-national companies can create jobs in developing countries
  • On the other hand, many people emigrate to find work in richer countries
  • They often send money back home to their families
  • This money helps to improve the standard of living in developing countries
  • Some people move to other countries in search of a better life
  • Many immigrants come from less developed countries
  • Richer, industrialized countries may offer opportunities for employment
  • Free healthcare and schooling are available in some developed countries
  • Other people migrate to a foreign country to improve their academic qualifications
Positives of Immigration and Multi-cultural Societies-
  • From an economic perspective, immigration can be extremely positive
  • Many immigrants have skills that are needed in the country they move to
  • Immigrants who find work contribute to the economy of their new country
  • Many immigrants send money home to help family members
  • Immigration also creates cultural diversity
  • People of many different nationalities learn to live together
  • This can help people to become more open-minded and tolerant
Negatives of Immigration-
  • Some people believe that immigrants take jobs that should go to local people
  • Some immigrant workers work longer hours for less money
  • Companies might pay lower salaries to immigrant workers
  • Unemployment rates could rise if there are too many immigrants
Opinions about Immigration-
  • Immigration can help the economy of a country
  • It can create multi-cultural societies
  • However, immigration needs to be controlled
  • In many countries, immigrants need visas or work permit
  • Governments should stop companies from exploiting immigrant workers
  • Foreign and local workers should have the right to equal pay and conditions
  • So many people are migrating to other countries each year in recent years, immigration has a major impact on society. What are the main reasons for immigration?
  • So many people are migrating to other countries each year in recent years. Immigration has a major impact on society. What are the main reasons for immigration? What consequences can it lead?
  • Some think increasing business and cultural contact between nations is positive. Others think it leads to the disappearance of the national identity. Discuss both views and state your own opinion.

IELTS Common Essay Topic – TRAVEL

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