In the 20th century, contact between many different..

In the 20th century, contact between many different parts of the world has developed rapidly through air travel and telecommunications.

Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

(Below is a Sample Band 7 answer for the Previous IELTS Writing Task two Question. ‘In the 20th century, contact between many different parts of the world has developed rapidly through air travel and telecommunications.’ Students must observe the format of the essay first and then on the elaboration. Since the Question askes that ‘Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages’, the answer has to be in the Yes/No. Admittedly the ration is 70:30.)

Technology is increasing day by day and it is changing our lives. In the last 100 years, communication between various distinct parts of the globe has transformed quickly with the help of air transportation and telecommunication. This essay admits that advantages of this outweigh disadvantages. The most prominent advantages are betterment of trade and economy. Plus, attaining experience about other cultures. The only disadvantage of it is that it hinders the local market and trade.

Talking about the advantages, the main advantage is that it increases the pace of imports and exports. This benefits the market. As Companies can buy and sell the products all over the world. Ultimately, it has uplifts the businesses. Another advantage of increasing connectivity among the different places of the world is that it provides an opportunity to know customs and traditions of other communities. This helps to adapt and nurture good moral values from their practices to our society and even exhibit our ethics as well. To exemplify, UNITED NATIONS 2022 states that the increase in communication through travel by air and telecommunication benefits the human society to a large extend.

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The only disadvantage of this advancement is that, it harms the local Market. It has become very difficult for the local businesses to compete with the international companies and hence ,it devalues the local economy. As the result, small societies and nations have become dependent. Their dependence on the larger and more advance parts of the world is bad for their own development.  

To conclude, it can be stated that admittedly, advancement in technology has changed our lives and in the last century, connectivity among the different parts of the earth has quickly transformed due to transportation by airplanes and telecommunication. The advantages of this have helps us to understand our past, maintain our present and plan our future. Therefore, they outweigh the disadvantages.

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