Individual greed and selfishness have been…

Individual greed and selfishness have been the basis of the modern society.

Some people think that we must return to the older and more traditional values of respect for the family and the local community in order to create a better world to live in.

To what extend do you agree or disagree?

The foundation of the modern society is definitely build on an Individual’s greed and selfishness. Only through staying hungry, unsatisfied and always wanting more, that the human race was able to achieve this evolutionary state of modern society. But a better world is the one where there is love amongst the neighbors and the family. Therefore, this essay intends to completely agree that we need to return to our traditional ways of respect amongst family and locality to create the better world.

There is a very good reason that the old ways stood the test of times when it comes to loving-thy-neighbor. Because they respected each other and always thought about helping the community first. This results in harmony amongst the neighborhood and the society and also decreases the hate crime because there is respect and understanding amongst the localities. Survey done by NatGeo Magazine in 2012 clearly shows that the localities that thrive on local participations in events and festivals showed low crime rates and also an increased happiness index.

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Second to that, the traditional ways like taking care of elders and also being present for one’s children, b thriving the family boosts the family values and keeps the family bond intact. People who live with their elders tend to have a happy atmosphere when the children come to the picture. Working class who is always busy also benefits from their elders in household help and childcare. Article published in The NewYork Times in 2020 showed a survey that explained that mid-life crisis in the Nuclear families are high as opposed to the families which lived with their parents and children.

It takes technology and science to create a better physical world, but it takes love, respect and harmony to create a better home to live in. A high happiness index, a respecting and loving family living a cherishing and cheery society is how a better world is made. Therefore, we as a society need to bring the old and traditional ways of respect for family and locality to make a better world.

Individual greed and selfishness have been the basis of the modern society.

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