Latest Speaking Follow up Questions – POLLUTION

Latest Speaking Follow up Questions – POLLUTION

Is there more pollution now than in the past?

Utterly yes, these days the pollution is much more as compared to previous years because now there are number of factories and vehicles that are emitting the toxic gases. However, in the past, number of vehicles and factories were very few so, the rate of pollution was quite low. I want to mention an example related to this, my grandfather always tells me that in the old days the quality of air was tremendously fresh because people used to travel on the foot or bullock cart so the pollution was not grim(serious) issue then.

In what ways the air pollution can be reduced effectively?

As far as I am concerned, to some extent the adversity of pollution can be stopped, like people can do car pooling so in this way the usage of personal vehicles would be less and ultimately it would lead to reduction in air pollution. Apart from this, government should strictly forbid the factories which are producing lethal(here: harmful) gases. For example, recently car sharing scheme got approval in china and people followed it too. Surprisingly now the air is so clean over there because the number of cars and two wheelers have been reduced on the roads.

Do you think that city is cleaner or polluted than countryside?

I reckon(think) that, rural areas are far cleaner in comparison to urban areas because in the countryside areas, the rate of population is lower than cities. In addition to this, villages have the particular advantage to seem clean because there is greenery all around which is lacking in the cities. The cities have turned into a concrete jungle. They have more construction activities, industrial emissions etc, that directly add up to more pollution.

What can factories and power plants do to reduce pollutants?

Factories and power plants can do immense number of things to lessen the pollutants. First one is that, they can follow the rules and regulations which are made by government. In the straightforward words, if the factories have chimney, then owners can enlarge the height of chimney. Moreover, industries can use scrubber in their chimneys. Latest industries can opt for alternative source of energy. These measures can be helpful in reducing the pollution.

Latest Speaking Follow up Questions – POLLUTION

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