Latest Speaking Follow Up Questions- Social Media

Latest Speaking Follow Up Questions- Social Media

What do you think about the people who are posting about their personal life on social media?

To be honest, uploading videos and images on online platforms is a positive thing because in this way some individuals are earning money as well as fame. However, to some extent it is negative too, like when it used by children then it could be a bad thing just mainly owning to it catches all the attention of them and keeps them deprived of studies.

Which social media website do most of the people use?

Well, there are infinite website that are used by individuals, but predominant is Instagram because in this, users not solely(only) can post videos and pictures, but also can have access to make video calls. Moreover, in this application there are tremendous spectacular effects which make one’s editing more magnificent.

How much time do you think people spend on social media?

As far as I am concerned, 1 hour is ample to utilize on social media because everything in excessive could be harmful, if people use it more than an hour then it can put an adverse impact on their eyes. I want to mention an example, a few months ago I became addicted to Facebook, even I used to spend around 4 hours on it, after that vision of my eye got weak.

What kind of information people put on social media about themselves?

Truly speaking, majority of the individuals have tendency to reveal their status on internet. Besides this people also share about their interest and hobbies like what they love to eat and where they like to go. Apart from this, some also make job seekers aware about jobs by sharing the posts of vacancies.

Is there anything that you do not like about social media?

To be transparent, there is one darkest side of social media that I think very few people know, some strangers pretend like they belong to a kind of well known company and they tell others to share their data in order to get jobs and then they make those innocent users who have faith on internet, the victim of scam. For example, in the pandemic of corona my elder brother met with an anonymous person who said I can give online job by looking at some personal documents, then after a few hours he blocked my brother and robbed his money.

Latest Speaking Follow Up Questions- Social Media

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