Latest Speaking Follow up Questions – TV Show

Latest Speaking Follow up Questions – TV Show

What do Indian people like to watch?

I assert(think) that, individuals in my country tend to watch TV serials. Because they are into them, rather it gives an immense pleasure to all of them. And I can say it because Indian daily soaps are complete pack drama, comedy, thrill etc. Moreover, they like watching movies too because in this way they spend their leisure time and get entertained simultaneously.

Do you like watching foreign countries’ tv shows?

To be honest, it depends on which type of show is going on. Predominantly, I like to watch Hollywood shows because it seem quite entertaining because of the talented actors and script which is interesting. As everybody knows the budget of foreign shows is quite high so the quality is superior which takes all of the attention of watchers.

Do you think that watching tv shows can be educational for children?

Utterly yes,TV shows are truly so good at learning something new for children. As there are number of channels based on wild life like discovery, national geography and many more which can be a good source for educating children about the animals and their life cycles. Even they can watch shows of other countries and this thing would not only help children to know more about other cultures but also help to learn foreign language.

What is the benefit of letting children watch animal videos than visiting zoo?

As far as I am concerned, the cardinal(main) advantage of allowing children to watch animal videos is that, it contains auditory knowledge about distinct(different) species of animals. So it would give children a marvelous(great) experience to gain the knowledge. Paradoxically, no doubt in the zoos children can watch animals but I reckon(think) they cannot learn as much as they can do by watching videos.

Latest Speaking Follow up Questions – TV Show

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