Latest Speaking General Part – Sports

Latest Speaking General Part – Sports

Do you like sport?

Utterly yes, as being a sports enthusiast, I am fond of doing physical activities because it not solely helps me to burn the calories but also assists me to get into a perfect shape.

What is your favorite sport?

Well, I like various sports like Volley Ball, Basket Ball and so on. But my favorite one is Table tennis. It helps me to increase my concentration as well as it is good for my physical wellbeing.

Do you often watch sports on TV?

Truly speaking, I watch sports programs evenly on the electronic screen as well as on TV, especially after having dinner along with family because it makes us feel energetic. Moreover, it is a good source of the entertainment.

Did you often play sports when you were a child?

As I have memory like an elephant so I precisely remember, when I was a kid, mostly I used to watch Table tennis matches on TV and from here my interest in it got originated.

What is the most popular sport in your country?

Without any doubt, cricket is maintaining its dominance not only on the national level but worldwide too. Because it is played by the players from different countries so all of the spectators get curios to know about which team is the best.

How do people in your country keep fit?

Predominantly individuals to go to the gyms in order to be fit as fiddle and I am also one of them. Apart from this, some do running and yoga too.

Latest Speaking General Part – Sports

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