Latest Speaking General Question – COMPUTER

Latest Speaking General Question – COMPUTER

1. In what conditions would you use a computer?

Well, I usually use computer in my day to day life for different purposes. Majorly I use it for making my assignments and sometimes for playing video games to rejuvenate myself.

2. When was the first time you used a computer?

If my memory serves me right, I vividly remember that I was in 5th standard when I used the computer for the very first time in my school’s computer lab.

3. What would your life be like without computers?

To be honest, I cannot imagine my life without computer as it makes my life simpler. I can do my work accurately and conveniently with it in less time with the help of computer. If it is not available then I would be unable to do some tasks properly.

4. In what conditions would it be difficult for you to use à computer?

When the computer is not working properly due to any technical glitch or network issues then it would be difficult for me to use a computer. Apart from this, if someone makes a great deal of noise then it would be tough for me to kill my time on PC.

Latest Speaking General Question – COMPUTER

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