Latest Speaking General Question – ISLAND

This study material contains all the possible question related to ISLAND with sample answers.

Latest Speaking General Question – ISLAND

1. Have you ever been to any island?

To be very honest, I have not gotten any opportunity to visit any particular island. If a get a chance in future then I will definitely visit over there.

2. Are there any islands in your country?

Well, I really do not know much about islands. But there are two groups of island that I know, Andaman & Nicobar and Daman & Diu.

3. Do you want to live on an island?

No, I would prefer to go to an island only for travelling not for living purpose. Because I don’t think I would adapt to that kind of life style easily.

4. What would you like to do if you go to any island?

I will definitely explore different places over there and get new exposure. If I get a chance to travel any particular island. Specifically, I would prefer to do some water activities like swimming and scuba-diving.

Latest Speaking General Question – ISLAND

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