Latest Speaking General Questions – COLLECTING THINGS

Latest Speaking General Questions – COLLECTING THINGS

1. Do you collect things?

Yes definitely I do. I use to collect the different sort of things as it is my hobby and it gives me abundance of happiness. As some things have emotional sentiment to me.

2. Are there any things you keep from childhood?

Well, since my childhood I love to collect coins which belong to distinct nations and which belong to some historic period. Now I have a great collection of coins.

3. Would you keep old things for a long time? Why?

Without a doubt, I take care of all the things properly either it is old or new because, I am very possesive about my all objects or things.

4. Where do you usually keep things you need?

I often keep my all necessary things in the almirah as well in the cabinet so I can get the things easily whenever I need without having any difficulty of finding anything.

Latest Speaking General Questions – COLLECTING THINGS

NOTE: These sample answers are just for practice and not to cram. Candidates can take idea from it and should make up their own ideas regarding the General Part of Speaking.

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