Latest Speaking General Questions – Teenagers

Latest Speaking General Questions – Teenagers

Do you like to spend time with teenagers?

Utterly yes, I like to utilize my leisure time with the people who are teen because I am a teenager too. Mostly I just have conversations with them because their nature is tremendously amiable(friendly).

Do you know any kind of fashion that teenagers like?

Well, without any doubt, all of the teenager have the distinct taste, but if I talk about the majority’s preference of fashion, so they love traditional clothes because nowadays they are immensely trending because of songs.

What are the best things of being a teenager?

To be honest, there are infinite beneficial things of being a teenager. The first one is that youngsters have no burden of earning the money because they are not self reliant at their stage of life. Second one is teenagers are so energetic because they invariably play sport games.

How do teenagers entertain themselves?

I reckon(think) that, teenagers get enjoyment by playing virtual games with their friends, apart from this, they also go to gym because while doing physical activities they stimulate various chemicals that may leave them feel happier and less anxious.

Latest Speaking General Questions – Teenagers

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