Learning and Mental Health

Learning and Mental Health

Learning: – To gather information and imbibe it. OR Improve the skills by gathering knowledge and use it at your own level for betterment.

Mental Health: – If a student is not able to learn due to any reason which can be due to pressure of lacking behind or even stress of competition with other individuals.

Why are students not able to learn?
  1. They confuse learning with cramming.
  2. Students are not taught how to learn at school. Most of them are taught to memorize the facts but not told to use them for improving their skills.
Studying in Groups (collective study, co operation)
  1. Studying together and Learning through sharing information (Jointly) is very important because it provides a connection of mutual understanding between the friends and helps to understand the topic easily as friends can discuss.
  2. If a student is not good in any subject then he can learn it if other students shares his understanding of same subject while discussing.
Studying Individually

Students who studies alone or individually (not in groups) develops a sense of competition which can turn out to be pressuring. Moreover, a student can not get to know about the other’s perspectives if he studies alone.

Idea of competition
  1. Parent’s pressure to perform well.
  2. To get good grades to maintain the status in the class or the society.
  3. Human nature- Individuals tend to compete with each other which might be due to ego clashes or conscious drifts.
Mental pressure of lacking behind

Fear of lacking behind in ‘not able to learn’ or ‘achieving success’ causes mental pressure.

Why learning is a process not destination?

As the world is changing and new advancements are coming, learning is also transforming. Hence, it is actually called a process. Apart from this, even methods of learning are also changing as new modes of education have come like online classes and web crash courses.

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