Many people feel that media coverage has become increasingly…

Many people feel that media coverage has become increasingly biased today.

Why is this?

What can be done to fix this problem?

Band 9 Sample Answer: with proper sentence labeling.

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General Line Media is considered as the fourth pillar of every democracy.
Paraphrase Line Most of the individuals believe that the coverage done by media is becoming more biased day by day.
Outline 1 This essay intents to believe that interference by Political Parties to be the main reason behind it.
Outline 2 Further, this problem can be resolved with rules and regulations which ensure freedom to media.

Body Paragraph 1

Main Line Talking about the main reason behind it, Political parties interfere in the workings of the media to propagate their agenda.
Explanation They flood the organizations of media which create a positive image of their agenda in the minds of the people.
Elaboration Thus, this not only kills the true essence of journalism but also makes the public unconscious about their needs and rights.
Example To Exemplify, Report of United Nations- 2022 states that 90% of the funding that media houses get these days, are done by political parties for implementing their agendas.

Body Paragraph 2

Many people feel that media coverage has become increasingly biased today.

Main Line This problem can only be tackled if Media is set free from the clutches and the chains.
Explanation This can only happen if rules and regulations are made by legislature which ensure the neutrality of News channels, News Papers and social media as well.
Elaboration Moreover, their proper implementation by executives can strengthen the media. Furthermore, the check and balance by judiciary can maintain a positive environment for media.
Example Here the words of the famous Writer Dr. Partha Can be Quoted who says the true spirit of Media can only be preserved if the laws are made to curtail propagandas.


General line (P) To conclude, since media is considered 4th and the most important pillar of a democracy, its freedom is ought to be safeguarded.
Paraphrase line Though many people believe that it is becoming more and more biased as political parties are using it as tool to propagate their agendas.
Outline Thus, this can only be resolved if Media is getting a free environment, ensured by the rules and regulations made by the Government.

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Many people feel that media coverage has become increasingly biased today.

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