Talk about a time when your computer broke down.

Talk about a time when your computer broke down.

General line – Truly, I am obsessed with my belongings and I do not let them to broke down at any cost. Paradoxically(however), today I have got this privilege to divulge(reveal) about a particular moment when my P.C got broke down.

When it was?

It was the period of a time when I asked help from my friend and shared me a virus infected file.

What were you doing?

Well, it was the time of the corona pandemic. And I decided to pursue my hobby, that is photography in a professional way. I wanted a professional photo editing application for editing photos. But unfortunately It could not find any appropriate one. So, asked one of my friend to suggest me a good application. Then he sent me a link of an application named “V9”. But it was a fake link which was named so and actually a virus. When and clicked on that link my computer broke down.

What you did about it?

Literally, I started freaking out at that moment but as being tenacious(clingy) I preferred to find a solution then I called to my best friend who is a technician and he told me to bring some kind of antivirus. After that I went to market and I purchased some antivirus software for computer and gave to my friend. So, it took at least 2 hours to reset the computer because the problem was not minor.

How you feel about it?

Utterly(completely) I did not feel blue(sad) because it gave me a lesson like how to be aware invariably(always).

Talk about a time when your computer broke down.

Describe a time when you were given wrong information?

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