Talk about an interesting teenager you know.

Talk about an interesting teenager you know.

General line – As being a gregarious(sociable) person, I am in touch with number of youngsters who seem tremendously(very) fascinating to me. Today I have grabbed this opportunity to unveil(reveal) about a particular teenager who is quite engrossing(interesting).

Who is he?

He is none other than my younger cousin and his age is 16, we live under one roof because we have a joint family.

How long have you known him?

To be honest, I know him since my childhood and he was very close to me since he was an infant. I always used to play with him and it made him feel joyful.

What this teenager likes to do?

He is a techno savvy(well known to technology), invariably he utilizes his time on computer screen and sometimes I scold him due to excessive usage of electronic gadgets. But once I decided to observe what always does, then I saw he has a YouTube channel where he uploads videos related to virtual games and roasting on cringe creators. I found this thing extremely intriguing(interesting) because at the very early age he has chosen his profession even he said he earns 10,000 per month through YouTube.

How you feel about this teenager?

Truly, I feel marvelous(wonderful) about him because all above he does something divergent(different) over his friend circle and this thing impressed me a lot.

Talk about an interesting teenager you know.

Describe a person who wears unusual clothes.

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