To Catch a King

Before you start solving the Passage ‘To Catch a King’, it must be clear to follow the sequence of the Questions. The Passage has Summary with box, Yes/No/Not Given and Multiple-Choice Questions. First of all, Summary with box be read but not solved for better understanding of the passage. It must be followed by reading of other Questions and finding the keywords.
Note- For solving Quickly, this sequence must be followed- Yes/No/Not Given-Multiple-Choice Questions- Summary with box.
Questions 27-31
Complete the summary using the list of phrases, A-J, below.
Write the correct letter, A-J, in boxes 27-31 on your answer sheet.
The story behind the hunt for Charles II

Charles II’s father was executed by the Parliamentarian forces in 1649. Charles II then formed a 27 ………………… with the Scots,

Location- 1stParagraph

Explanation: The Main keyword around the 27th Blank is ‘1649’ which is visible easily in the first paragraph. Near to it, ‘Charles II and ‘parliamentarian’ are also there. The answer is written as ‘and did a deal with scots’.

Deal = alliance

Answer: H (Strategic Alliance)

and in order to become King of Scots, he abandoned an important 28 ………………… that was held by his father and had contributed to his father’s death.

Location- 1stParagraph

Explanation: The Location of the answer is exactly the same. Rather it is above it.( Though most of the answers are in chronological order, but here the answer is above which makes it little difficult to solve). ‘Charles II sacrificed one of the very principles his father has died for’ is the line where the answer is clear.

Abandoned=Sacrificed, Principle=Conviction

Answer: J (Religious Conviction)

The opposing sides then met outside Worcester in 1651. The battle led to a 29 ………………… for the Parliamentarians and Charles had to flee for his life.

Location- 1stParagraph

Explanation: The Main keywords are ‘Worcester’ and ‘1651’ which are visible in the middle of the 1st Paragraph. ‘After being comprehensively defeated on the…’ is the exact location of the answer. ‘Comprehensively defeated’ has been written oppositely in the options of the summary as ‘decisive victory’.

Answer: F (decisive victory)

30 ………………… was offered for Charles’s capture,

Location- 1stParagraph

Explanation: The exact location of the Answer is exactly after the location of the 29th answer ( in the second half of the 1st paragraph). ‘Charles Capture’ is written as ‘his capture’. Moreover, the blank itself tells that something is ‘offered’ for the capture of Charles. Looking precisely, ‘with a huge sum’ has been written as ‘large reward’ in the options of the summary.

Huge=large, Sum=reward.

Answer: B (large reward)

but after six weeks spent in hiding, he eventually managed to reach the 31 ………………… of continental Europe.

Location-  Last lines of 1stParagraph

Explanation: The Main keywords around the 31st Blank which are ‘six weeks’ and ‘Europe’ are visible exactly in the last of the paragraph. ‘Before seeking refuge…’ are the exact words which are paraphrased as ‘relative safety’ in the options, which comes after the keyword ‘Six weeks and before ‘Europe’.


Answer: D (relative safety)


  military innovation             B   large reward

  widespread conspiracy      D   relative safety

E   new government                 F   decisive victory

  political debate                   H   strategic alliance

I    popular solution                  J    religious conviction


Questions 32-35

Do the following statements agree with the claims of the writer in Reading Passage 3?

In boxes 32-35 on your answer sheet, write

YES                  if the statement agrees with the claims of the writer

NO                   if the statement contradicts the claims of the writer

NOT GIVEN    if it is impossible to say what the writer thinks about this


32   Charles chose Pepys for the task because he considered him to be trustworthy.

Location-Starting lines of 2ndParagraph

Explanation: Looking at the keywords, ‘Pepys’ is the main keyword of the Question which is mentioned in the 1st line of the 2nd paragraph of the passage. The complete named is written as ‘Samuel Pepys’. But, there has been no information regarding ‘giving Pepys any task or considering him trustworthy. Hence, Answer is Not Given.

Answer: Not Given


33   Charles’s personal recollection of the escape lacked sufficient detail.

Location- 2ndParagraph

Explanation: ‘Charles Personal recollection’ is the main keyword of the Question which is written as ‘his Personal recollection’ in the 3rd line of the 2nd paragraph. The information of the Question contradicts with the information of the passage. As in Question it is written as ‘it lacked sufficient detail’ as compared to ‘the king related to him in great detail’.

Answer: NO


34   Charles indicated to Pepys that he had planned his escape before the battle.

Location- 2ndParagraph

Explanation: ‘escape’ is the main keyword of the question. Though, other keywords like ‘Charles’ and ‘Pepys’ are also very important as they indicated that answer to this question is around the other YES\NO\NOT GIVEN Answers. The information of the Question does not match with the information given in the passage. Here, the question states that the ‘escape’ was planned before the battle’ but in the passage, it is mentioned that ‘After the battle was so absolutely lost as to be beyond hope of recovery, I began to think of the best way of saving myself’.

Answer: No


35   The inclusion of Charles’s account is a positive aspect of the book.

Location-Last lines of 2ndParagraph

Explanation: The main keyword of the question is ‘Charles’s account’ which is written as ‘Charles II’s own narrative’. The line ‘….Narrative as well as those of his supporters, is just how close the reader gets to the action’ exhibits the The ‘positive aspect of the book’.

Answer: Yes


Questions 36-40

Choose the correct letter, ABC, or D.

Write the correct letter in boxes 36-40 on your answer sheet.

36   What is the reviewer’s main purpose in the first paragraph?

  to describe what happened during the Battle of Worcester

  to give an account of the circumstances leading to Charles II’s escape

  to provide details of the Parliamentarians’ political views

  to compare Charles II’s beliefs with those of his father


Location- 1stParagraph

Explanation: The location of the answer is in the ‘first paragraph’ which is already given in the question. Since the main idea of any paragraph is always in the first and the last line of it, the very reference of the motive of writing it is given in the first line of the paragraph written as ‘Charles Spencer’s latest book, To catch a king, tells the story of hunt….’ Which is relatable to the ‘B’ option.

Answer: B


37   Why does the reviewer include examples of the fugitives’ behaviour in the third paragraph?

  to explain how close Charles II came to losing his life

  to suggest that Charles II’s supporters were badly prepared

  to illustrate how the events of the six weeks are brought to life

  to argue that certain aspects are not as well known as they should be

Location-3rd Paragraph

Explanation: The location of the answer is in the ‘third paragraph’ which is already given in the question. The main Keyword of the Question is ‘Fugitives’ which is written in commas. (Note- if any word is written in commas, then it will be written as same in the passage). Thus ‘Fugitives’ is easily visible in the middle of the paragraph and the examples are written very next to it. ‘…provides delicious details: the cutting of kings’s long hair with agricultural…..’ Thus, it talks about the daily routine.

Answer: C


38   What point does the reviewer make about Charles II in the fourth paragraph?

  He chose to celebrate what was essentially a defeat.

  He misunderstood the motives of his opponents.

  He aimed to restore people’s faith in the monarchy.

  He was driven by a desire to be popular.

Location-4th Paragraph

Explanation: The location of the answer is in the ‘Fourth paragraph’ which is already given in the question already. The Last lines of the paragraph which starts with ‘It is hard to imagine many other kinds marking the lowest point on their life…… till….first place’ shows that the king as celebrating the defeat.

Answer: A


39   What does the reviewer say about Charles Spencer in the fifth paragraph?

  His decision to write the book comes as a surprise.

  He takes an unbiased approach to the subject matter.

  His descriptions of events would be better if they included more detail.

  He chooses language that is suitable for a twenty-first-century audience.

Location-5th Paragraph

Explanation: The location of the answer is in the ‘Fifth paragraph’ which is already given in the question. Exactly it is mentioned in the middle of the para, where the lines start with ‘He has even handed sympathy for both the figutive….till hunted him’. Here, it shows that he has same essence i.e an unbiased approached.

 Answer: B


40   When the reviewer says the book ‘doesn’t quite hit the mark’, she is making the point that

  it overlooks the impact of events on ordinary people.

  it lacks an analysis of prevalent views on monarchy.

  it omits any references to the deceit practised by Charles II during his time in hiding.

  it fails to address whether Charles II’s experiences had a lasting influence on him.

Location- Last  Paragraph

Explanation: Reference to the ‘Doesn’t Quite hit the mark’ is given in the middle of the paragraph and the location of the answer ins above it. It starts from ‘The days and night…….till……help him from?’

Answer: D

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