A person who encouraged you to achieve a goal.

A person who encouraged you to achieve a goal.

General line – Well, having a overwhelming support from someone is such a blessing. Actually it motivates to a person to accomplish any sort of goal there is always one person behind one successful personality who once encouraged to give the best shot. Today, I have got this privilege(chance) to unveil about a particular person who gave me extreme support to fulfill my ambition.

What goal it was?

As I have memory like an elephant so I precisely remember that, when I was studying in 11th standard, a kabaddi tournament of state level was organized. And I was tremendously curious to take part into that. Well, at the day of final match, I maintained my dominance by playing well till the break for rest. But then, opponents showed aggressive behavior because we got the lead of points and my left leg got injured while playing, so we did not win that tournament. Legit it was very miserable moment for me.

Who this person is?

At that day, my grandfather was the only person who encouraged me and gave me compliment about my performance. But I was so disappointed and sad because it was my goal to win state level tournament once in my life.

How he encouraged you to achieve a goal?

Then my grandfather told me one thing. He said it is better doing something rather than doing nothing. So, I should learn from my mistakes and be ready to not make them again in the life. Even he told me that I should recall my purpose. And practice hard to appear in the tournament once again after doing recovery. I took my grandfather’s advice seriously. Because it is shameful if I ran away from my failures and don’t put efforts to achieve my goal. Then, when my leg got recovered, I played in tournament again in the next year and I won that tournament. I was glad to have such supporter like my grandfather in my life who got my back at my worst. To be honest, I give whole credits to him because I was about to give up if he was not there for me.

A person who encouraged you to achieve a goal.

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