Band Sample 9:Patriotism is negative. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

Band Sample 9:Patriotism is negative.To what extend do you agree or disagree?

Introductory Statement:

Countries outshine on the basis of love and respect that fellow citizens show towards it. Patriotism is considered negative though this essay intents to completely disagree with it. And admits that it is a binding force which enhances unity and even considered backbone of a nation’s development.

Body Paragraph 1:

Enlightening about it, patriotism is very essential for a country. It keeps all the citizens together and binds them as a family. Subsequently, this enhances their relationships and boosts respect and love for fellow society members. Here, the findings of a report published by UNITED NATION in 2021 can be quoted which declared that top 10 developed countries of the world have a great essence of patriotism among their citizens which has been major force behind their development as they all worked as a single unit.

Body Paragraph 2:

Moreover, it helps us to built a connection with our motherland which is vital to even understand ourselves. This is very crucial for the development of not only the country but for the overall development of the citizens as well. To exemplify, the reference of an article written by Dr. Pardeep and published in ‘The Hindu’ newspaper can be mentioned here which professed that patriotism is beneficial for the country as well as the people living in it, as it provides them a perspective to live in their life.


To conclude, though patriotism is said to be negative but actually it is the backbone of the relationship which cherishes between a citizen and his country which this essay even admits. Thus, it is crucial to understand our past, maintain our present and viva our future.

Band Sample 9:Patriotism is negative.To what extend do you agree or disagree?

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