Describe a boat journey that you have ever taken.

Describe a boat journey that you have ever taken.

General line – As being an avid(keen) traveler, I have traveled by train, airplane, car and many other modes of transport. Today, I have got this privilege(chance) to unveil(reveal) about a particular time when I had been to boat ride.

When it was?

Well, I accurately remember, last year I went to Manali which is a must try place. At that span of time, I had aquaphobia(fear of water) which I wanted to overcome.

Who was with you?

Then, my friends insisted me to go for a boat ride. When they were asking me again again, then I got convinced to go.

Where you went and why you used a boat for the journey?

Firstly, I took a life jacket because I did not know swimming. When boat started sailing, I was a little afraid. But after a while I felt comfortable and also my fear of deep water got killed within few minutes. The river on which we were doing boating was quite magnificent(impressive). There was greenery all around as well as the water was also very pure. At one point we reached to the dense jungle while enjoying that journey. There we did fishing and caught few of fishes. It was the ‘once in a life time’ thing for me. Because I had never ever even thought about going on that kind of journey. Moreover, when we crossed that green landscape, a type of village appeared. And there were some shops made up of wood and that were on water. Truly, we were marveled(astonished) after seeing that. Then we went towards that shops in hurry and purchased some snacks for us, as we were starving at that moment.

Describe a boat journey that you have ever taken.

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