Describe a family business.

BDescribe a family business.

General line – India is a diverse country, there are infinite individuals who are running their own business with their family member. Because it does not create trust issues at workplace.

What type of business is this?

Well, a family business that I am going to talk about is of spare part of motor vehicles which is at the pinnacle(peak point) in today’s date.

Who runs this business?

This business is run by my friend’s family, their shop is in the Jalandhar city and in this business there is no dearth(scarcity) of workers because of the cherishing nature of his parents. When anyone of the employees gets absent, his father work at that place. Because he does not discriminate between boss and worker. That is why their business is taking them onto the path of progress. The bottom line is that, spare parts that they manufacture are sold in other countries like Australia, Germany and many more because they emphasize(focus) on quality and not quantity and the best thing that I like in them is that they give discount on the goods on special events. Moreover, they serve drink and snacks to their customers to show hospitality. So they wish to visit them again due to the superior treatment. All above, I have seen their business in growth from the last 2 years. As earlier hardly 20-25 customers used to purchase spare parts from them. Paradoxically, now at their shop uncountable people come.

Describe a family business.

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