Describe what type of effects reading has on you.

Describe what type of effects reading has on you.

General line – As I am a bibliophile(here: book lover), I have read number of books because it not solely(only) expands my horizons but also gives rejuvenation to the mind. Today, I have grabbed this opportunity to express the impact of reading on my regular life.

How do you feel when reading a newspaper/magazine article?

To be honest, whenever I read newspaper or any article, I feel as happy as larry(very happy) because it helps me to increase my knowledge in a leisure manner.

Do you read frequently and stay up to date with literature?

Well, I read newspapers oftenly because it provides me information regarding the surroundings of my locality as well as about my nation simultaneously(at the same time). I like to be updated with the newspapers because I have curiosity to know about the daily happenings as soon as it is possible.

Where do you read most often?

There are infinite places where I tend to read, however the cardinal(main) one is my bedroom because I can read without any disturbance over there while reading the books. It is my favorite place just mainly owning to when I read somewhere else my family members usually make noise especially me cousins, but in my bedroom, the environment is quite peaceful.

When do you read there?

Generally, I read newspapers in my bedroom after taking bath early in the morning because at that time I feel quite energetic and I listen chirping of birds while reading which makes my day.

Describe what type of effects reading has on you.

Describe a person you know is from a different culture.

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