Describe a famous athlete that you know.

Describe a famous athlete that you know.

General line – India has given birth to number of renowned sports personalities because there craze of sporting is on the next level. Today, I have got this privilege(opportunity) to share my views about a particular athlete who is immensely eminent(popular).

Who he is?

That sportsmen’s name is Virat Kohli who is quite popular all over the world with 236 million followers on social media.

How do you know him?

To be honest, I know him from a long time and I precisely remember first time I saw him in 2011 in world cup where he maintained his dominance by hitting more and more scores for Indian team. At that time, I became his die heart fan.

What has he achieved?

He is the captain of Indian cricket team. Moreover, he matched Sachin Tendulkar’s record once who was the prior captain of team India. Furthermore, at very early age he became self dependent, he started playing cricket and earning money after clearing his 12th.

Why he is famous?

There are infinite reasons to consider him as a famous personality, but the cardinal(main) one is that he is tremendously tender hearted person. Every month he donates a large amount of money among the children who live under deplorable conditions as well as during the pandemic of corona he provided food and shelter to 10 crore needy people in India. Furthermore, he uploads videos related to physical well being on Instagram in order to show a right path to the youth and this thing eventually makes him unique and renowned.

Describe a famous athlete that you know.

Describe an article which you have read about health.

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