Describe a fishing area.

Describe a fishing area.

General line – To be honest, from where I belong there are number of fishing areas. So I tend to do fishing in my leisure time. Today, I have got this privilege(chance) to unveil(reveal) about a particular fishing spot that I know.

Where it is?

How do you know about it?

Well, India is a diverse country so there are number of rivers where people usually catch the fishes. As I have memory like an elephant so I precisely remember one of the best experiences of fishing. Once, I went to my uncle’s house and I heard that there is a tremendously(very) eminent(famous) place for catching the fishes.

When and with whom you went there?
How was the overall experience?

Me and my uncle went over there as well as we carried some crucial(important) things with us like fishing rod, barbecue and umbrella. Moreover, when we reached to our destination, I was so curious because there were a lot of fisherman. Besides this the weather was so pleasant which made our visit there more wonderful. The great thing I found over there was that, unlike other fishing zones, there cleanness was taken into consideration. As there were immense(here: number of) dustbins for throwing the waste. Furthermore, there was greenery all around the river where visitors normally go for picnic. Well, I did fishing there with my uncle, we had umbrella because the sun rays was so sharp and after an hour I caught two fishes which were quite large in size. I felt as happy as larry(very happy) at that moment. Then we grilled the fishes and ate them and they were finger licking. In addition to this, there were number of general stores from where we bought some spices to make our meal more delicious.

Describe a fishing area.

Describe a time when you lost something important ?

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